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We are expanding the qualifications for group rates to include membership in a bona fide interpreter/translator organization and/ or actual group of colleagues. So, if you're a member in good standing of a professional organization, you automatically qualify!


For California colleagues who need 30 credit hours and would like to really and truly save some serious greenbacks, grab a few colleagues and hit the Group Rate jackpot! 

Due to COVID-19 and other factors, all registrations must be done electronically by email or this website. All non-instructor led seminars must be completed on our electronic platform. This new platform provides immediate results, and correct and incorrect answers, it also issues an automatic certificate upon satisfactory completion. We know you'll be a fan! 


Single Registration Fees

Each 3 hour webinar or seminar:

Each 1 hour webinar or seminar:

Deuce Discount Bundle (6 hrs):

Mini Discount Bundle (9 hrs):

Midi Discount Bundle (10 hrs):

Grande Discount Bundle (12 hrs):

Classic Discount Bundle (15 hrs):

Maxi Discount Bundle (16 hrs):

Super Maxi Bundle (18 hrs):

Maxi Plus Discount Bundle (20 hrs):

Ultra Maxi Discount Bundle (24 hrs):

Compliance Discount Bundle (30 hrs):













Group Registration Fees*













California Compliance Discount Bundle Group Rates

(Regular single discounted 30 hours rate: $499.00)


Group of 2-4 attendees:    $399.00 per attendee

Group of 5-7 attendees:    $359.00 per attendee

Group of 8+ attendees:     $299.00 per attendee

When registering in a group for the 30-hour group discount bundle, give your group a name and indicate # of registrants.  For example: LA's Finest #4.

Each person registers individually and can choose webinar dates and seminars of his or her liking.

Each person registering MUST indicate the name of the group after his or her name to qualify for the discount.

All registrations for the group MUST be received the same day to qualify for the discount.


 * To qualify for Group Registration Fees, you need only to belong to a bona fide interpreter or translator organization OR register with a buddy or two… or three. YOU MUST INCLUDE THE NAME OF THE ORGANIZATION OR BUDDY NEXT TO YOUR OWN NAME WHEN REGISTERING ONLINE.

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